Monday, January 11, 2010

tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day

we can no longer fight it - 2009 has come to an end, which means, among many growing lists of to do's, we must add 'buy 2010 calendar' to the list, and officially welcome the year into our planning.

so today we've wandered through the depths of etsy to bring you some of our top picks for 2010's calendars.

here are our top five picks (in no particular order):

1. Our first comes from printableprojects. Colorful and fun with their block animals, for $5 you can print out this great calendar and be ready to embrace 2010 right away.

(printableprojects is also worth checking out for their ready to print cards...and, well...other printable projects!

2. To embrace the french girl in all of us, our next favorite, and potentially the winner for this year's calendar is alidesign's mini french series printable calendar. (do you not just LOVE being able to print these calendars and instantly be ready to plan your year?!) for only $6, you can print this calendar on 2 pages and you're ready to go for the year!

get yours here!


3. this calendar is worth every penny (2200 of them!). in its letterpress perfection (thanks to kirtlandhouse), we would have no hestiation displaying this calendar on our desks. but we would need another calendar that we could write on...this one is just too pretty!

get yours here (you should definitely check out the rest of kirtlandhouse's shop, they have the most gorgeous letterpress!)

4.  starrybluesky's 12 city calendar is absolutely fabulous. we are love love loving this calendar. it truly speaks for itself. for $28 (and worth it), you can pick up yours here

5. our final pick is from ruffhouseart's shop. their 2010 desktop calendar is fun and bold, and we are simply put, just loving it.

get yours here!

so if you haven't picked up your 2010 calendar, grab one of our picks for this year!

*quote, shakespeare

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