Tuesday, February 23, 2010

an american in paris

after finally seeing 'the september issue' (documentary about anna wintour and the '07 september issue of vogue) we've decided that today's french word of the day is 'mode' -- for fashion.

 and instead of just finishing the post with some pictures from vogue or covers from vogue, we thought it would be better to share some of our favorite fashion bloggers we're loving these days.

okay, okay, we love them every day.

keep in mind the key word here is *some* of our favorites....there aren't enough hours in the day to catalogue every one of our favorites. besides, what would we have left to share if we put them all out at once!

we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 



be sure to love them all!

typography tuesday

mulling over our options for this weeks' typography feature, we came across a lot of great things we wanted to share with you. all of them have been put on the backburner since receiving yesterday's urban outfitters' e-mail for their spring break collections. 


first, we love anything vintage. we love anything that looks like it's vintage. we also love anything involving vacations, staycations, roadtrips, and music. and of course, paper.

urban's graphics, always satisfying and inspiring, certainly have our hearts aflutter thinking about spring break. 

and definitely tempting us into their online shop. what little minxes.