Monday, March 8, 2010

fantasy shopping spree - updated spring wardrobe!

in our world, there's no better way to start a week than with a fantasy shopping spree. this week, waking to sunshine and chirping birds (endearing only for a few minutes before they became irksome) inspired our fantasy shopping spree to be a more tangible one. a spree in which we plot our spring wardrobe acquisitions.

the endeavor took on a life of its own. 

SO we apologize in advance for the sloppy nature of this week's post. we got a little overzealous. 

but we hope you love our choices!

we're loveeeeeing blush pink, ivory, and lace. standard favs at herlongwayhome. we're also loving stripes (another standard), dresses, skirts, and lots of patterns that can be mixed and matched.

what are you adding to your wardrobe this spring?!