Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.”

oh emily post. sometimes you seem so outdated to us. and sometimes you seem so right.

since we were children, we have been writing thank you notes for anything. and everything - the obvious paper required events (birthday and christmas gifts) and the not so obvious (a friend hosting a dinner, a boyfriend's parents taking you to dinner, a family member hosting you for a few days...or anyone hosting you for any period of time).

we've been brought up to believe that, while some customs may be outdated, a hand written thank you note never goes out of style. it's like a strand of pearls - classic and everlasting and worth handing down generation to generation.

today we recieved a thank you from kate spade for signing up for their newsletter. (i say 'their' and not 'her' because ms. spade no longer owns kate spade. tears.)

kate spade is utter perfection. it is emily post meets j crew meets the real world (meets a good stylist). we are loving the tiffany inspired blue with the red (pretty sure it's red, we have some color blind people on the other side of your screen could be pink...) which is one of our all time favorite color combinations. and thrown in with yellow - how perfectly spring?

kate spade does no wrong, especially with their paper goods. so it simply made our day to recieve a thank you from ks. even though it's not handwritten. it's still perfeclty sublime.


our kate spade paper picks:

the ps card. loving the blue. loving the white. loving the perfection.

fortune placecards. half off. order them. immediatley.

big card, small party. we need these. the green. the stripes. the wit. need it. have to have it. would you like to come for a dinner party? if we sent you this card, we think you would!

be sure to visit kate spade for selected paper goods and crane & co for the entire line.