Wednesday, May 26, 2010

who says you can't go home?

though giants stadium is coming down piece by piece, bon jovi is performing the very first concert at the new meadowlands stadium tonight. 

who says you can't go home, right? "take it in, take it with you when you go." welcome home, bon jovi! 

follow on twitter tonight to see pics from the show! 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

pedal perfect

there is something about a bicycle with a vintage vibe that makes you feel like you've fallen out of an anthropologie catalogue. 

 there's something about a bicycle (note: we can't bring ourselves to call these 'bikes') that captures a moment in time. of simpler days. of dreamy days. of sleepy saturday mornings. 

we'd love to spend a weekend dreamily pedaling around martha's vineyard (in an anthropologie dress, of course) on any one of these beautiful bicycles.

this beauty is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and anthro inside because it's brought to you by the ever tempting-but-oh-how-we-love-them buyers at anthro. you can pick one up for a cool $1,998

(even more bicycles after the jump! including our custom build!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

jenna lyons sighting

by now, you must know the love we have for jenna lyons. she does no wrong. jcrew does no wrong. and we like to absorb everything she has to say (kind of like kelly cutrone, to whom we lovingly refer as "kcut," but that is another post entirely). 

we bring this jenna lyons sighting to you from elle decor who tells us that the ever chic and inspiring jenna lyons has "never met a sequin she didn't like."

these are the 12 things that our "j.crew trendsetter" can't live without - all images from here

1. a lucite chair. lyons has one at her desk - HLWH recommends this one it's a different shape, but it captures the funky-yet-glam nature of lyons' chair. throw a bold printed cushion on it and we think that you'll be feeling chic as ever.

2. nars lip pencil in red square because it's "not too blue." j.crew uses this color on their shoots- though we wish they would come up with their own makeup line this will do for now. Especially since we love love love nars. snag yours here

3. the fleshy tones in jenna's fred sandback drawing capture the season's neutral trend. the simplicity seems so natural and so beautiful this time of year. we're pretty sure that it would feel just as gorg. in the fall..or winter! maybe a little diy painting?

4. lyons likes the bedding from olatz (this is the Lido print). you can also get the minimalist-chic look from dwellstudio, potterybarn, and william sonoma home.

5. we must admit, the silver vases from asiter de villatte are pretty awesome - they look like cans with their labels peeled off. though it just seems like one of those things we tell ourselves we could 'diy,' we'd check out etsy first to find something similar that captures the same sparkling lightness.

6. one of lyons' must haves is her Leica camera (limited ed, of course, and from japan). for a camera with a vintage vibe, check out urban outfitters' cameras, or use this quick search on etsy.
7. miriam haskell. vintage. you can't go wrong. a google search turned up a few vintage items, but HLWH recommends visiting j.crew to see some inspired (and inspiring) pieces with a similar vibe. 

8. we can't guide you on jenna's shoe collection, other than to a. buy what fits b. buy what you absolutely love c. take very good care of them d. keep them organized and e. remember it takes a lifetime to amass a shoe collection like that.

9. another thing we can't really help you with. vintage mercedes. you could buy a toy one. or visit post-war classic cars if you're seriously considering purchasing one. and if you do, you owe us a ride.

10. jenna loves the beach. have to admit it's calming. so long as you aren't visiting the jersey shore (think: fist pumps for everyone!...PS we can hate on the jersey shore, we're from jersey ;) )

11. arists jenna can't live without (some are on display in the guggenheim if you're in the nyc area): cy twombly, robert ryman, elizabeth peyton, or jenny saville.

12. sequins! jenna's last must have is sequins! and we often see her rocking them. HLWH recommends j.crew (duh) for some of the shiny stuff, as well as bloomgindale's or even forever 21.

what do you think of jenna lyons' must haves from elle decor?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

taking a cue from the boys

recently, we've seen a lot of trends coming from the men - the ever chic and always in season boyfriend blazer, slouchy boyfriend jeans for weekend errands, and menswear inspired everything - from tops, to bottoms, to shoes, to handbags.

but this new trend is taking it one step further - would you bite the bait and take this cue from the boys? 

you could look like john travolta a la grease:

or you could have an elvis moment:

what do you think? would you try this trend?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bedroom neutrals perfect for blue skies and sunshine

there's something about this time of year that makes us long for neutrals. those great shades of ivory, burlap, oatmeal, white, and gray just tickle us pink. they make hot days feel cool, and light, airy blue skied-sunshiney days feel even lighter. we love when sunshine pours into a room of neutrals and shines off those crisp white sheets. there is only one word to describe it - yummy.

we are loving the vintage-washed belgian linen bedding from restoration hardware. it looks soft, and clean, and perfect for those hot days when you just want to lay inside and enjoy a cool breeze that blows your long, sheer, white curtains in an oh-so-french kind of way - how idyllic. we would order ours in white, for that crisp feeling that makes us giddy.

as opposed to other items from restoration, these linens are pretty accessible price wise. 

do you change your bedding with the seasons?