Thursday, February 11, 2010

an american in paris - word of the day

today's word of the day - fleurs - flowers!

as in: oh, mon amour, j'aime les fleurs, merci beaucoup!
(oh, hunnie, i love the flowers, thank you so much!)

just in time for valentine's day! 




eat drink and be merry

thirsty thursdays is what we really wanted to name this feature. we've blogged about our dishware obsession before (such as here), but there is so much good stuff out there, it's enough to have a weekly feature. 

let's face it, there's enough for a daily feature. 

we're not quite sure where we heard about fishs eddy, but it was definitely from one of our beloved bloggers (perhaps poppytalk or thekitchn?). i always felt like it was a place i wanted to visit, and being right outside of new york city it was certainly accessible.  i just never got around to it, and their website is sort of lackluster in terms of its merchandising. (we'd love to get our hands on it and revamp it!)

but then we went.

and then we fell in love. 

each piece is kind of whimsical and kind of childlike. and we can totally appreciate the sense of humor that is inherent in this institution.

fishs eddy is perfection. it's kind of like the kitchen section of anthropologie. their website definitely doesn't do it justice, and hopefully we'll post some pictures from our trip there (and a few things that we picked up along the way).  but everything there is just wonderful. so if you're in the nyc area you should certainly make a trip to this little gem.

simple colorware in pretty much any color you could want. great prices too! pedestal bowls for $6.95, dinner plates for $9.95, side plates for $6.95, and cereal bowls for $7.95. great staple for any kitchen! and at such great prices, you can stock up on all your favorite colors!


the carnival pattern is super cute too, and sort of whimsical. cereal bowls go for $6.48 (on sale), the tray is $12.95, these glasses are $6.00, and the jumbo mug is $11.95.


and we are simply smitten with the alice and wonderland pattern. every piece features one of the classic pen and ink drawings from the books. we love how the image floats off the side of the plate. we love the alice and wonderland pattern so much, we picked up the salt and pepper shakers while we were there! there are so many pieces to choose from for this pattern - side plates, square plates, rectange trays, oval trays, glasses, coasters, dishtowels and mugs. definitely worth a peak. or a purchase!

fishs eddy also has great flatware with open stock, so you can pick and choose the pieces ou need and want.

their glassware section also has some really great pieces (we picked up the wizard of oz set). there are some cute swimmers glassware


drink nyc tap water


and they have classic american glass pieces


and cake stands (better colors here)


and fabulous kitchen pieces

there's a sale on porcelain mugs (we're loving the politician ones!)


and there are the creepy  yet loveable hands (we picked up three miniature ones)

we also love the linens! they coordinate with each line of dishware

so take a peek at what fishs eddy has to offer, especially if you can't go to the store!

but we DO have a sneak peek for you!


don't you just love it?!

(all pictures of fishs eddy from poppytalk, pictures of stock from the fishs eddy website)