Thursday, March 11, 2010

we are going to require several china cabinets

to house all the dishes we know we are going to collect over our lifetimes. 

but isn't that what life is, a collection?

a collection of people, moments, memories, and treasures - note, not stuff, junk, crap, things....treasures. 

when we look around, we see people we've collected and loved dearly, moments and memories we hold close to our hearts, and treasures that surround us that make us smile, drool, and our hearts aflutter. 

we have pieces of art that are, frankly, irreplaceable. we have candle sticks and lamps and little knick knacks that have become part of our lives. and we are, without a doubt, living in every room we touch. because things we've collected along the way have come to live with us, and memories surround each and every piece. a painting that was a gift for graduation. an art piece from an uncle. a trinket from a trip to a far away place. 

so all of life is a collection.

and we know that one of the things that we will without a doubt start to collect, that may or may not completely take over our lives is dishes. tableware. kitchen utensils. eating utensils. whathaveyou.

just as long as it doesn't over take our book collection, i think we're okay.

(but you know pieces will most certainly end up as decoration on our book cases....yes. cases....there shall be cases upon cases of bookshelves (like that grade-shool-election promise 'rows upon rows of vending machines))

but we digress.

thanks to our new favorite blog (post about our new favorite blog in the coming days) sunday suppers, we were exposed to the brook farm general store. we are most certainly going to have to pay a visit to this wonderful little gem in brooklyn soon (promptly after we make a list of all the places on sunday suppers that we just HAVE to visit)

and so we have dishes. 

three hand thrown stoneware plates in a milky shade of white: $39

classic french bistro glasses, set of 6: $24

and who could resist the set of 6 stainless straws?! : $18 (ps - if you're looking to buy us a gift this would be utter perfection!)

we also find it hard to resit the glass water jug....but we love all vessels in clear glass!: $25

ps - brook farm general has a blog!