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Monday, June 21, 2010

in summer, the song sings itself - william carlos williams

ah yes, summer has officially arrived - and today is the longest day of the year, so this post is short and sweet so we can get back outside and enjoy these last few hours of sunlight before the days start getting shorter again. 

oh how we will miss the 9 pm dusk. 

when we think of summer, we think of these miniature vintage repro postcards we had from a trip to hawaii in high school. though we've been known to save everything, these didn't make it, but we did find a few online that were similar if not identical. 

summer means that everything slows down just a little; the heat gets stuck beneath the trees; you sweat outside at midnight; you jump in a pool by moonlight; great music; all around fun. 

what do you think of when you think about summer? what are your summer plans?

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put a ring on it


(from the shanghai expo's nao robot show.)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

detour : eagles concert (w/ keith urban AND the dixie chicks)

if you aren't from northern new jersey you might be interested to know that there are no country radio stations here, and it feels almost like it's a faux pas to enjoy country music. we've been mocked by many people for enjoying the twangy stylings of people like keith urban, kenny chesney, brad paisley, dierks, and sugarland. but we love them anyway. and we tend to think everyone is missing out if they 1. haven't been to a country concert 2. have never tailgated at a country concert with cornhole, blaring country music, and pick up trucks, shitkickers, and cowboy hats and finally, 3. don't enjoy country.

so we are always very excited when country musicians come to town - tonight we're going to be seeing the legendary classic rock band the eagles, with opening acts dixie chicks (who haven't been on stage together in something like 4 years) and keith urban (whom we love love love).

follow us on twitter for updates throughout the night!

here's a few videos of our favorite songs from the eagles, keith urban, and the dixie chicks - enjoy!



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

inspired: pink (and selena lake)

we love pink. well. sometimes we love pink. it fulfills the three f's that we think are essential to creating your home - well, when you're single - flirty, feminine, and fun. (we also clothing shop with the same criteria.)

today, on design sponge there is a great with UK stylist, selena lake.

source: selena lake interview, designsponge

what inspired you today?

playing nice in the sandbox

our friend, meghan (whose blog you should read) said the other day "the blogosphere is a small world, play nice in the sandbox." (she may have said the internet is a small world, but for this blogosphere is appropriate.)

and we couldn't agree more.

there is a long story that goes with this idea of playing nice in the blogosphere, which we've written and rewritten, and ultimately decided that it's not really that important to give the back story. but it boils down to this - we should all blog with integrity, cite our sources, and give credit where credit is due. we should play just as nice in this space as we do out in our every day world. we should be polite - to readers, other bloggers, or PR people who approach us.

and hey - it's the blogosphere. it's circular. what goes around comes around. what is said once is repeated.

so, play nice in the sand box, kiddies.

Monday, June 7, 2010

summertime and the livin's easy

the summer of sun has arrived, and what better way to ring it in than with a new pair of super funky sunglasses? these are our picks for adding a little whimsy to your summer. 

will you buy a pair of sunglasses with edge or pick a standby classic like the oversized frames or aviators?

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

well behaved women seldom make history - laurel thatcher ulrich

because apparently we wouldn't be the same if we behaved, at least according to our dear friend kathi.

do you misbehave?