Tuesday, February 16, 2010

fantasy shopping spree mondays

this week's fantasy shopping spree is inspired by an upcoming interview. one thing about being young in the corporate world is our leway to wear colorful patterns and bold jewelry (as well as extra tall heels and crazy tops). 

these four looks are pretty basic - navy skirt, black skirt, purple skirt, and a silve/gray brocade skirt. we've selected a printed cardigan, a basic whtie bouse, a fun gray top and a fun plum colored top. the accessories add a pop to each outfit, and the louboutins add an element of glamour to each look. what we love so much about these looks is each item is interchangable and we can mix and match depending on our mood!

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here, we've added denim to show how versatile our choices for tops (and louboutins) can be for a casual friday look. adding different pieces of jewelry or layering sweaters on top of these basic looks will also allow you to change up your look with less pieces.
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and for our much loved pick 10 monday, we have selected 10 pairs of louboutins instead of handbags and jewelry (scarves and belts and hats and....)

we're sure you love all of these as much as we do!


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