Monday, April 19, 2010

the sheer genius of apple

we tend not to talk tech-related things here (though we'd like to plug the ipad at this time because we love it), and stay more fashion-home-letterpress-lifestyle-cooking-and-all-other-lovely-things-that-make-us-swoon.

but today i read at mashable that gizmodo "happened to find" the prototype for the iphone 4.

now...let's consider this. 

do you actually think that someone at apple - a very hush hush company when it comes to prototypes and new gadgets -  who is important enough to be carrying the prototype would actually forget the phone at a bar?

take it one step further - do you think someone important enough at apple would happen to be at a bar where someone from gizmodo happened to be and happen to forget said prototype?

and even further....would apple really not shut down the prototype for an entire week?

me thinks apple is too smart for that.

all that being said, we're excited for the new phone and will certainly be holding out for iphone 4 to come out before purchasing a new one. the physical design has changed - it's a smaller product and has hard edges instead of the rounded style. the new camera has a larger sensor and a flash, video chat capabilities (genius), and insanely high resolution.

check out gizmodo's article with videos here.

what do you think of the new phone? what do you think about gizmodo happening to be the ones to find the prototype in a bar?

we promise our next post will be something fashion-home-letterpress-lifestyle-cooking-and-all-other-lovely-things-that-make-us-swoon related....though the new phone makes us swoon just a little.