Tuesday, April 13, 2010

thoughts on branding and really, really great packaging

branding for products is incredibly important. think about it - you don't have to read the labels in the juice aisle, you look for the carton that looks like the one that your mom kept in your fridge as a kid, and you buy that one because it's what you know.

have you ever seen a little kid (who hasn't learned to read yet) get SO excited about a box of animal crackers? they can't read what the box is, but they know what it is, because the box of animal crackers is branded, it always looks the same, so a little kid can reach for it and know exactly what's going to come out of the box.

but what about new products you integrate into your life?

they need really, really fantastically fabulous packaging to catch your eye. they need to stand out and shock your senses and be so downright gorgeous you feel like you can't live one more minute without buying the product.

and that's how we feel about these products....and we wish every product was packaged this beautifully....

food for thought - what if kitty litter had this gorgeous of packaging? what about the packaging for a lightbulb for your car?

these remind us of something straight out of alice and wonderland

this olive oil is from croatia so we wouldn't be able to understand what the label says. but it's the international language of yum - packaging and product together. 

these cereals might just trump animal crackers for kid-love.

these chocolates from fling make us want to drool. between the color choice for the packaging (is that blue seriously not the best shade of blue ever?) and the curly-q's on the front, we have to find some!

now, we admit that we buy wine based on the label - we totally judge the book by the cover - but we've found some really fantastic wines that we buy time and time again (think, fat bastard). if we see these bottles from purple cowboy we'll definitely pick up a few bottles of the night rider merlot and the tenacious red.....if for no other reason than really cool design and perfectly named bottles.

get some perspective