Thursday, June 10, 2010

detour : eagles concert (w/ keith urban AND the dixie chicks)

if you aren't from northern new jersey you might be interested to know that there are no country radio stations here, and it feels almost like it's a faux pas to enjoy country music. we've been mocked by many people for enjoying the twangy stylings of people like keith urban, kenny chesney, brad paisley, dierks, and sugarland. but we love them anyway. and we tend to think everyone is missing out if they 1. haven't been to a country concert 2. have never tailgated at a country concert with cornhole, blaring country music, and pick up trucks, shitkickers, and cowboy hats and finally, 3. don't enjoy country.

so we are always very excited when country musicians come to town - tonight we're going to be seeing the legendary classic rock band the eagles, with opening acts dixie chicks (who haven't been on stage together in something like 4 years) and keith urban (whom we love love love).

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here's a few videos of our favorite songs from the eagles, keith urban, and the dixie chicks - enjoy!



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