Wednesday, November 18, 2009

nobody puts baby in a corner

or in this case, a cabinet.

these kitchens say, "hello, darling." they pull the chair for you. they welcome you. they say, "stay a while." 
these kitchens say, "so glad to have you," and "let me pour you a glass of wine."

unused china is pointless. a home that doesn't entertain is silly. a kitchen that doesn't warm your heart is a waste.

these exposed kitchens show the soul of its owner, and bring a warmth, and might i say, a dramatic effect, to the kitchens. they proudly display items one has been collecting their whole life. 





i'm loving the combinations of the neutrals - brown, gray, white - and the pops of color - purple, blue, yellow, black and patterns. 

*patrick swayze.

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