Tuesday, January 5, 2010

throw on a striped, boatneck shirt in an effort to grab a little of the nonchalant chic that French women seem to be born with.

having spent a summer in paris when i was in high school, i can attest to those that have not had the chance to make it there that the women are effortlessly chic and do, in fact, rock stripes.

(a la audrey tautou as coco)

so this post started with the discovery of these shoes:

and then this bag:

and then the rug in this picture:

and i came to the conclusion that i love the stripes because they're unexpected and dramatic and add a sense of glamour to a room (or an outfit). i do love anything black and white, including the quirky, whimsical, girly fun of the polka dotted room:

i would pair the boldness of black and white stripes with a marie antoinette blue (continuing on our french theme), a raspberry pink, or a pop of chartruse. i would personally stay away from red only because to my eye it distracts from the stripes.

created on herlongwayhome's polyvore 

other black and white interiors that may strike your fancy:

we are loving this kitchen! it perfectly combines our love of white, light, exposed shelving, and bold black and white stripes that draw our attention to the beautiful hardwood floors.

we can't help but love this beachy dining room. while it isn't exactly black and white stripes, it has the marie antoinette blues...and perfect windows!

what more could we ask for than this room? in fact, it may be a must-have in our next home. cute polka dots, bold black and white striped seating, and that perfect shade of blue on the window (and wide paneled hard wood floors...and a white shag rug....need we say more?)

if you don't want to completely redecorate your home by now, try decorating with the black and white stripes in subtle ways.

now, if you know us, you will know by now three things: 1. love of black and white stripes (if you haven't picked up on this, go to jail - do not pass go, do not collect $200) 2. a love love LOVE of white 3. a warm spot for zebra (what's better than cooky black and white stripes?) this entrance nails all three.

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