Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new feature: typography tuesday

we are bonafied typography junkies here at the long way home. so we thought what better way to celebrate simply gorgeous letters that you want to eat with a spoon, than a weekly feature?

from gorgeous fonts, to letterpress, to designs-we-wish-we-thought-of, every tuesday will be: TYPOGRAPHY TUESDAY.

you can either blame or thank joanna swanson (swedish-american art director/stylist/blogger extraordinaire) of simpleblueprint not only for our new feature but also for the images in today's post.

the 7 rules to understanding design and designers prompted the commitment to our weekly feature (as did the lovely alliteration of typography tuesdays....though we suppose we could have chosen typography thursday for the same effect). we are loving not only the wittiness of this image, but also the layout and font use, and of course design.

1. designers are meant to be loved not to be understood 2. the purpose of design is to make the ordinary extraordinary 3. the best designers are the ones who find the good clients 4. design must seduce, shape & more importantly evoke an emotional response 5. good design can be planned but great design just happens 6. design the right things design the things right 7. imagination is more important than knowledge.

and we couldn't agree more.

also featured on joanna's blog was the cover of the australian financial review magazine:

there are so many reasons we are obsessing, lusting, drooling, and falling-in-love with this magazine cover. first and foremost, and we mean no offense by saying this, but the topic implied by the title of the magazine - australian financial review magazine - simply brings a tear to our eye- but not the good kind (the kind that generally results from sheer bordem).
HOWEVER, if they are trying to sell their magazine purely based on the cover, well then we can gurantee that we would purchase this magazine.

from the layout, to the font use, to the border use, to the bleeding of the colors, we are in love-love-love with it. it truly doesn't get much better than this.

the cover could be in a completely different language (well, it kind of is) and we would still find ourselves head over heels.

what say you, my lovelies?

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