Thursday, October 29, 2009

witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear october's days

this morning is stumbled upon this posting on casa sugar...accompanied by this picture:

at first i thought, that's really neat. then i thought, is that plastic?

the answer would be a resounding no.

this pumkin is courtesy of a DIY feature on Vogue. VOGUE! intersting, consdiering Vogue really isn't known for a DIY.
(get the directions here)
but i suppose when jewler eddie borgo is involved, a DIY feature is completely appropriate.

now, i'm not a fan of halloween in terms of costumes, but i do like halloween decorations, especially with such a creative flare...and with a real pumpkin, no less.

over at cupcakes and cashmere, our lovely emily has embraced halloween decor in quite the appropriate and haunte-ing (and somewhat girly) manner

a glittery skull in a silver skeleton hand:

an unexpected spider (sorry mom)

a bowl of skulls as a centerpiece (beats fake fruit)

and a feather wreath that channels kat von d

check out z gallerie for most of the decorations featured on emily's cupcakes and cashmere (and add her to your reader!)

besides carving a few pumpkins on halloween i won't be decorating this year...or throwing on a costume. i would, however, be 100% willing to sport michelle chang's necklace:

if you haven't stumbled on michelle chang's jewelry on etsy you definitely should. i recieved some bangles from her yesterday, which i will hopefully post soon. every order is hand made from her brooklyn studio, and she is just sweet as pie.

there is the always dependable thomas wylde for some skulls to add to your wardrobe:

*image via sacs en ligne
and there is always the skull-lustworthy stylings of alexander mcqueen

*image via style by me

and the ever popular skull scarf that almost every celebrity has been spotted rocking at one point or another (and the one scarf i have been drooling over for years...and i mean, years...)

*image via saks

how will you be ringing in halloween 09?

*quote via unknown

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