Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i love the rain, i want the feeling of it on my face

oh how i love october rain. it's different than spring showers - from the temperature to the smell. in october you walk outside and the leaves are fiery in front of grey clouds rolling overhead. underfoot, acorns (that i'm convinced squirrels purposefully throw at you) crunch. rain drops make reverberating circles in puddles and it's just chilly enough to make your nose cold and a hot cider perfectly appropriate.

the one and only thing i don't like about rain is when the bottom of your pants get wet. and it's not just a little damp, it's downright soaked. so unless you cuff your jeans or pull on some wellies for the walk to the car, it's almost unavoidable.

there is something about the wet ground that just attracts jean legs...have you ever noticed that? rain = wet jeans, guaranteed. and the big problem with wet jeans is that it weighs down your pants so the bottoms slide under your shoes and you inevitably wear the edges of your jeans! simply awful.

the only way i've come to combat the wet-jean-torn-bottom syndrome is to cuff my jeans and top it off with an umbrella and embrace the october weather.

*quote by katherine mansfield

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