Thursday, July 8, 2010

a distincly french apple

we love apple over here, and paris. so when apple meets france, we arrive at a distinctly french styled apple store.

we have suggestions on how to get this look after the jump!

check out more of the new apple store!

our suggestions for attaining this mod-french style:

naturally, you will need some of apple's sleekest products - always mod. always hip. always awesome. 

taking cues from the decor of the new apple location, which has that ever classic french black and white, add pops of mod with traditional curly-q's, and pops of color with a classic black and white pallet. 

combining a marie antoinette blue area rug with a bold pendant lamp and a pop of red (think chanel & louboutin) will get you closer to this look. 

or you can partner a bold black and white area rug with a traditional pendant and a neutral paint pallet with pops of red - or any bright color!

for product info on our suggestions, you can visit here and here

all apple store images via gizmodo

what do you think of apple's newest location?

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