Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the art of the staycation

with trends like glamping floating around (which we're sure to post about in the coming days) we wanted to talk about the more inexpensive version of a vacation - the staycation. 

do you staycation?

check out our tips after the jump for a great staycation, and be sure to share yours!

1. get all your housework, chores, laundry, etc., done the week before. don't spend your vacation catching up on laundry!

2. genuinely take the time off.

3.  if you don't have a fluffy robe, invest in one. maybe even some fluffy slippers too. oh, and a sleep mask a la holly golightly.


4. catch up on some reading. we recommend time traveler's wife, still life with woodpecker, and to kill a mockingbird. mostly (99.9%) because we read them every summer. 

5. indulge in really awful tv. think: jersey shore or keeping up with the kardashians.

6. check out at-home spa tips for great ideas on making your staycation even more relaxing from glamour magazine.

7. do something you wouldn't normally do, like rent a bike and see your town or city from a different perspective. bring a camera along!

no matter what you do on your staycation, make sure it's as relaxing as it can be!

what are your tips for a successful staycation!

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