Monday, April 12, 2010

fantasy shopping spree - from lonnymag!

so this is really a shopping spree of ideas. every page of the latest lonny mag (the eco-chic edition!) is just dripping with inspiration.

what are your favorites?

(all images from here)

we are just loving every single one of these couches, and would gladly host any of them in our living room:

we also love this chair, which should surprise no one. 

we'd like to pick up one of these to have in our backyard this summer....just imagining curling up in it with a book and warm sunshine makes us feel all tingly inside.
plus, The Rainforest Site will protect 6,870 square feet of land for every hammock purchased. Now that really makes us feel all tingly inside.

we really enjoyed the opportunity to get a peek inside lonny's editior michelle adams' home. simply inspiring, as is to be expected, with lots and lots of ideas we'd like to incorporate into our own home.

lonny editor, michelle adams

(page 70)

we are in love with everything about this picture. from the utterly perfect tortoise-esque lamp, to the antique hutch, to the awesome parisienne art, and down to the wallpaper and collection of bottles (oh and the picture of shoes...yes we know we just outlined everything in this picture), it is simply sublime. we'd love to have this look in an entry way, or like ms. adams, and have this look in our dining room.

(page 80)

we love the combination of the modern table with the classic striped chairs (in a most perfect shade of blue), with the great rug that compliments the photographs and really highlights the sepia tones.

also featured in lonny's eco chic edition is graphic artist ashley putnam....seriously lustworthy interior.

miss ashley

(page 120)

ashley's interiors give off an air of well traveled and worldly. with an art collection to die for, a mastered touch for the layered look, and an eclectic furniture collection that some how all comes together (without being a set of matching furniture), we are just falling over ourselves. 

(page 132)

the piece above the mantle is a painting done by lucy kirkman. if it looks familiar, it's a take on christina's world, the painting by andrew wyeth - our favorite artist. we're inspired to figure out a way to turn this into a saturday diy project, since we'd never be able to afford a kirkman original.

(page 122)

loving the quirky-yet-classic look of the gold bamboo coat rack. 

and then there's the dining room. that we need to have. immediately. we think we might just ask ashley if we could move in. we could be cooks or something. dish washers?

(page 124)

we particularly enjoy the contrast of the white upholstered chairs at the ends and white curtains against the chocolate brown table, chairs, hutch, and wicker/bamboo curtains. thinking we need to emulate this in our dining room. thoughts?

what was your favorite in lonny? can you even choose?

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