Tuesday, March 9, 2010

paperless post

last week we brought to you a beautiful e-card thank you note from kate spade and talked about the importance of a hand written thank you note. and then proceeded to show you everything we've been drooling over when it comes to the kate spade line of paper goods.

but what if we could get the most gorgeous letterpress that isn't on paper?

well you can!

brought to you by paperless post....

you recieve an invitation addressed to you!

and it unfolds just like a real invitation!

and just think of all the possibilities!
if you're anything like us, we love sending beautiful invites for something as simple as a sunday dinner.

but now, whether it's last minute and on the fly or planned well in advance, you can send utterly gorgeous e-invites to all your friends!

we love this virtual letterpress!

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