Monday, February 22, 2010

fantasy shopping spree mondays

he new week brings new lustworthy items to the house of herlongwayhome.

this week we are love love loving these pants

so we put together two sets for your lusting pleasure - one colorful and one neutral. be sure to click the links after each set to find out purchasing information.
bright anthropologie

we can always count on anthropologie for a colorful boost to any outfit. or a girly one.

neutral girly

for our neutrals we have the ever reliable jcrew, as well as anthropologie for a girly touch to a basic outfit. we are looooooooooooving this set. unfortunately it would cost us $592 to own it all. it's simply heartbreaking.

and then we have elephants. ever since dumbo, we've loved elephants.

okay we're not sure that's exactly true. dumbo made us cry and made our hearts ache when we were kids. but in the last few years our obsession with elephants has grown. it's expanded into little figurenes on our desks, right down to extra long necklaces.

they're a symbol of fertility, knowledge, and most of all good luck. so we like to rock them. and with all the options out there for the growing jewelry trend, we're sure you'll find one you'd like to rock, too!


what is so great about this trend is that there are some ultra affordable choices for these great pieces! well worth the gander!

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