Monday, November 2, 2009

i'd like to thank new york for lettin us hillbillies play tonight

so a few weeks ago i took a little detour on the way home and stopped at madison square garden to see brad paisley and dierks bentley. if you're from the area, you'll know that a trip from giants stadium to madison square garden, when you live at the tippy top of bergen county is more than a little detour. you will also know that country music is nowhere to be found on the radio unless you have satellite. which is why i do (3 excellent channels of hillbilly perfection).


jimmy wayne opened for dierks bentley who simply rocked the house. and then the wonderful brad paisley was ever-so entertaining.

so i figured i would share some of the shots with you that my friend, laura took, since there is no space left on my phone to take pictures of the pumpkin i carved ( -- which i know was promised yesterday but i ran out of time to get to the carving. BUT there is a pumpkin carved for you that i will hopefully be able to post tomorrow).

(if you don't know much about country music, dierks is the one with extra tight jeans on curly hair)

he has a dreamy butt voice in a country sort of way

she wants what she wants and man i know i know i know she needs to feel that fireeeee

brad paisley has been compared to eric clapton...except of the country world. he's one of those people whose talent you can't appreciate unless you're there.

and he's married to this lovely lady, who happens to be the star of my favorite movie - father of the bride!

yes, we did have very good seats....laura also has a very good camera.

brad (yes, we're on a first name basis...seen him live 3 times, i think i can call him brad) was singing i'm still a guy which is a pretty funny song. he interrupted his singing, and said (which makes sense once you've heard the song, if you haven't yet) "if you have the nerve to get in a cab in new york city you are not a sissy....if you have the nerve to cross the street or take the subway in new york city you are not a sissy....if you have the nerve to wear a cowboy hat in the city, you are not a sissy!" and the crowd went nuts.

but not as crazy as when they showed the towers in the background. my ears are ringing just thinking about the sheer volume in msg when they showed this loud brad just stopped singing the song and nodded his head, "yes."

i get chills just thinking about it....this is when he just stopped.

of course he couldn't end on such a somber's great to remember and honor such a prolific moment, but after all, it IS a concert so he ended the show with " alcohol "

if you ever get the chance to see dierks bentley or brad paisley you definitely should! either together or separate, they are so worth it!

(all pictures courtesy of laura unless otherwise indicated; all other links take you back to the source)

and tomorrow.....pumpkin carving!!!! promise.

*quote by brad paisley

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