Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hey new jersey, we did it.

there were some big elections today, particularily the VA and NJ gubernatorial elections, along with the mayoral races in Atlanta and NYC (surprisingly a close one), and the NY 23rd Congressional district. 

i was most invested in the NJ gubernatorial race for reasons not worth listing, most of which would be boring and dry, but nonetheless of the utmost importance to me. so i voted and my guy won, in the election story of the night. chris christie is governor-elect of the attitude capital of the world great state of new jersey. 

if history interests you, a little known fact about the NJ gubernatorial races: a democrat hasn't been re-elected to the seat since 1961. 

the NJ governor is also considered the most powerful in the union, since he or she appoints all the judges. 

so anyway, in honor of voting, i pulled some esty - vote oriented finds. enjoy! 




(a personal favorite:)

we all have been given - after a helluva lot of fighting for it - the right to vote. use it. 

*quote from chris christie's victory speech 11/3/09

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