Wednesday, October 21, 2009

whatever you do in your decorating philosophy, be brave....never wish you hadn't taken your vision right to the end. make a bold statement.

ever since elle decor featured betsey johnson's edgy pink home, i have been obsessed with the idea of a raspberry colored dining room with lush flowers of the same tone in mismatched vases on a vintage table covered in golden light strewn from mismatched candle holders...i'm a fan of vibrant colors, golden light, and as many layers as possible, what can i say?

my mouth waters every time i think of this spread. betsey's knack for detail is undeniable in this pictures. i love when a home can really reflect the essence of a person - otherwise, you might as well live in an androgynous hotel room.

*images courtesy of {this is glamorous}

and then i recently saw this picture from Pigtown-Design and my heart was aflutter. the red couch is insanely bold and the zebra studded doors are as dramatic as it gets. the clustered art work is perfection and the book collection (via the reflection in the mirror) looks lived in - like any good book collection should be.

*image via pigtown-design

*title by roger banks-pye

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